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Campers in Paradise 3 - An American Friend

Camping Paradis - Épisode 3 - L'oncle d'Amérique

SERIES 1 x 90' in a series totalizing 3 episodes


More fun, laughs and romance at the craziest campsite in the world

Directed by

Philippe Proteau


Barbara Probst
Christian Pereira
Géraldine Lapalus
Jennifer Lauret (Julie Lescaut, A Wonderful Family),
Julien Cafaro
Laurent Ournac (Campers in Paradise 1, 2 and 3)
Olivier Saladin
Patrick Guérineau
Princess Erika


JLA Productions with the participation of TF1 and RTL-TVI

2006 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo / available in hd

Another week in the summer season at Camping Paradis. While Tom the manager prepares to celebrate the 18th birthday of Elsa, the sister he has raised since their parents died, he also faces a batch of new arrivals bringing their troubles, joys and problems for him to solve. Gloria, the receptionist's sister, turns up to vacation near to Paul, her married lover and father of her unborn child. Gaspard, an old friend of Tom's parents, who lived in America for 18 years, informs Tom that he owns half-shares in the campsite. Marcus, a famous footballer, drives up in his Ferrari having given Tom's girlfriend a ride from the train station. And Jean-Pi and Hervé, two homosexual bikers, fight over Hervé's gambling addiction...

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