Anna Nicole Smith

The Anna Nicole Smith story

Drama / Biography/Portrait

When the American Dream becomes an American Tragedy - The life and death of Anna Nicole Smith. 2 versions available.
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Directed by

Stéphane Clavier


Allison Dunbar (The Sopranos, Shark)
Lesli Kay (The Bold and The Beautiful)
Patrick Ryan Anderson
Richard Herd (NYPD Blue, Star Trek: Voyager, Seinfeld)
Willa Ford


Nasser Entertainment Group Production / All Media Production

2007 / Original language: English / Color / stereo / available in hd

The notorious life and shocking death of Anna Nicole Smith…
…from a 17-year-old single mother to sex symbol, model, playmate and TV celebrity…
…from her marriage to oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall, 63 years her senior, to the bitter court battle over of his estate…
…from the loss of her beloved son, Daniel Smith, 20, to her own sudden death at age 39…
When the American Dream becomes the American Tragedy.

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