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Clem, Teen Mom - Season 11

Clem - Saison 11

SERIES 6 x 52' In a series totalizing 63 episodes
Comedy drama



Directed by

Xavier De Choudens

Stéphane Malhuret


Lucie Lucas
Joséphine Berry
Agustin Galiana
Carole Richert (Clem, Teen Mom)
Thomas Chomel
Jean Dell
Cristiana Reali (Love Me No More)



2020 / Original language: French / Color / 1.77 / available in hd

Clem is back for an 11th season! Determined to get her life back on track, she's started working for Nathalie as a legal assistant. But then a newcomer suddenly turns up in Cheynouville and starts spicing up Clem's days.

The teens are in their last year of high school, wrangling with important life decisions. But when Val's ex shows up with startling news, it sends the entire family reeling.

Marie-France and Michel are beginning to really feel their age! Meanwhile, Adrian is wrestling with resurfacing memories and has a new confidante who may well end up turning his head.

The members of our favorite gang are tighter than ever as they gear up for a new addition to the tribe, with high emotions and a good helping of humor!


Episode 58:The House of Cards
Another school year kicks off! Clem starts working as a legal assistant at Nathalie's law firm, but it looks like a newcomer to Cheynouville could begin spicing up her life. A restless but happy Adrian goes back to his job as the school principal. Everyone seems to be off on the right foot, when Val gets news that upends his future plans along with his loved ones' lives.

Episode 59:To Each His Own Path
When the tribe learns that an unexpected pregnancy has turned Val's life upside down, everyone steps up to bolster him in their own way.
The news makes Marie-France start wondering... could she possibly be pregnant too?! Convinced Clara is swaying her son's decisions, Clem takes things into her own hands... and crosses the line.

Episode 60:The Age of Reason
Clem betrayed her son's trust. Val is furious when he finds out and runs away!Only one person can reconcile them: Marie-France. But is bringing her into it really a good idea?
The game of cat and mouse Clem has been playing with Matthieu seems to have taken a whole new turn...
Adrian, meanwhile, gets an ultimatum from Alma: is he willing to shut out his family, to save their relationship?

Episode 61:I'll Never Let You Go
Val's son is born! But taking care of him proves to be too much for both Clara and Val. The baby's life is in danger. Will Val step up to shoulder his role as a dad? Between the baby and her furtive romancing, Clem is having a hard time juggling her roles as a mother, grandmother and woman.
Adrian comes back from Brazil after finally making up his mind: he's leaving Alma for Ame?lie. But things are never that simple!

Episode 62:I'll Never Let You Go
Clara has run off with the baby! The whole tribe sets out looking for them but Clara has vanished, raising doubts about why she left. The reasons for her mysterious departure force the whole family to reevaluate everything.
Clem suggests a way for Adrian to gently break up with Alma, but it doesn't seem to be working.
Amidst all the turmoil, Marie-France finds a sister-in-arms who proves to be a great inspiration!

Episode 63:Family of Choice
Crestfallen after Clara's startling admission, Val starts having doubts. The baby is slipping out of their lives... but never count out Clem and her tribe, who'll do their utmost to stop it!
Caught up in the custody battle, the couples are on shakier ground than ever. Will Adrian finally win over Ame?lie? Will Clem and Matthieu give each other a second chance?

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