Fourniret – The Showdown

La Traque

TV MOVIE 2 x 52' + 1 x 90'
Drama / Cop/Investigation


Directed by

Yves Rénier (Designated Killer, Moulin is back)


Philippe Torreton
Isabelle Gelinas (Desperate Parents)
Mélanie Bernier
François-Xavier Demaison (My Afternoons with Marguerite, Little Nicholas, Coluche - Cesar Award nomination for Best Actor)



2020 / Original language: French / Color / 2.00 / available in hd

On June 26th 2003, Michel Fourniret is arrested for the attempted abduction of a minor. The heaviest sentence he can be given is a few months in prison. The police are convinced they have a serial killer on their hands but don't have any solid proof. Fourniret denies everything and they can't get him to break. But there is someone who must know something: his wife, Monique Olivier. How much
does she know? Was she a witness... or her husband's accomplice? Most importantly, how can they get her to open up? The showdown is on, as the police launch into an intense psychological mind game to bring down one of the most
infamous and enigmatic serial killers of all time.

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