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Profiling - Season 10

Profilage - Saison 10

SERIES 8 x 52' in a series totalizing 102 episodes



Directed by



Philippe Bas (Maverick Cop, The Invincibles, Michel Vaillant)
Tamara Marthe (Shy'm)
Jean-Michel Martial (Cyrano, My Love)
Raphaël Ferret
Diane Dassigny
Valérie Dashwood (Research Unit)
Guy Lecluyse (La Ch'tite Famille, The Tuches)
Juliette Roudet
Sophie De Fürst (Profiling)
Odile Vuillemin (Profiling)


Beaubourg Audiovisuel and TF1

2020 / Original language: French / Color / available in hd

The world of Profiling is turned upside down by the arrival of a new character with an explosive personality: Elisa Bergman! Rocher crosses paths with her on an investigation and soon realizes that maybe she's not who she seems to be. He doesn't know it yet, but that meeting is about to change his own life and the lives of the whole criminal police division forever.


Rocher has been taken off duty. To get his job back at the criminal police division, he has to undergo a psychiatric assessment. When he goes for his first consultation, it takes him a while to realize that the woman who welcomes him is a fraud! Unmasked, the fake therapist tries to escape, but Rocher catches her. Before he can even question her, a horrible murder happens right before their eyes. The ousted police chief and the mysterious woman he has just met have to team up to investigate, and their collaboration is going to make sparks fly! But the resolution of this daunting, borderline investigation will depend upon their ability to work together.

Rocher is surprised to see Elisa Bergman show up on the scene of the crime! The young woman was hired as a criminologist at the 3rd Division of the Paris criminal police by Chief Commissioner Lamarck. Her first official investigation is on the death of a single mother brutally murdered while her sevenyear-old son was in the next room. While on this especially sensitive case, Elisa is going to have to work hard to prove herself and be accepted by the team at the criminal police division. That challenge gets even tougher when Rocher starts having doubts about her and her activities while off-duty. Soon, all of Elisa's secrets could be brought out in the open!

To avoid prison, Elisa Bergman has no choice but to work for the criminal police, but she is determined to do anything necessary to get herself out of that situation! She even gets in touch with a former member of the team, who makes a big comeback. But he doesn't help much, because the 3rd division has to investigate a new and especially hideous murder: a young woman who suffocated to death after getting her mouth stapled shut. Elisa considers the powerful symbolism of that act. Did the victim know some truth that someone wanted to keep her from revealing? Following that lead, Elisa and Rocher dig up an old case where justice failed and a monstrous criminal was left to run free.

When a young boy is reported missing, the entire criminal police division is on alert! The last location where the child was seen is at the edge of a forest. The team ventures in to try to find him. While separated from the others, Elisa witnesses strange phenomena happening in those woods. They seem to be harboring mysterious and terrifying beings. If they hope to find the missing boy, Rocher and his team will have to unravel the secret mystery of the forest. But one of the team won't make it out unharmed.

Elisa's life is turned upside down again when the father of her daughter gets out of prison and knocks on her door. Destabilized, she doesn't know how to deal with his return. But she doesn't have long to mull it over. She is called in on a new case: the death of a young man whose corpse was dropped off at the morgue without any circumstantial information. Commissioner Rocher and the criminal police team are faced with a true mystery. How do you solve a murder when you know nothing about the victim or how he died? Their investigations are even further complicated when they notice some very influential people seem to be going to great lengths to hide the truth.

Led astray by Roman, her former partner who just got out of prison, Elisa goes over the line and finds herself in police custody. Released by par Rocher, she gets back on the team just in time to hear the explosive news about the investigation: Hyppolite has discovered that their mysterious murder case is actually one in a series of assaults. The perpetrator is getting more and more violent, and he has no intention of stopping now. Rocher and Elisa set out in a race against the clock to keep another crime from taking place. And the stakes get even higher: the killer's next target is someone very close to the team.

It's almost Christmas! Elisa and her family have just bought a Christmas tree, when suddenly they witness an assault: a man disguised as Santa Claus has attacked a man on the street. The victim collapses in the crowd as the assailant escapes. Rocher is immediately informed and takes on the case. The victim was apparently poisoned with a particularly toxic product and his days are numbered. The team at the criminal police division is confronted with a totally new kind of case: an investigation into the murder of a victim who is still alive!

Elisa and her daughter are woken up on Christmas morning by a police raid: the anti-gang unit is looking for Roman, who has been accused of holding up an armored police vehicle and shooting a cop. Elisa refuses to believe that the man she loves could be guilty, but a mountain of evidence is building up against him. She turns to Rocher and the team to try and figure out what happened. They uncover a vicious Machiavellian scheme that puts all of our heroes in danger.


Average of 5M viewers on TF1 Prime Time
with 22,8% market share 4+
and 20,6% market share Housewives

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