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Munch - Season 3

Munch: A maverick, fun-loving lawyer! Season 3

SERIES 6 x 52' in a series totalizing 24 episodes
Cop/Investigation / Comedy


Laurent Tuel and Thierry Binisti

Directed by

Gabriel Julien-Laferrière (We are Family, Neuilly yo mama)


Isabelle Nanty (The Tuche Family)
Lucien Jean-Baptiste (He Even Has Your Eyes, First Snow)
Aurélien Wiik (Bright-eyed revenge, Secrets of State)
Marilou Berry (Wrestling Queens, French Gigolo, Ugly Melanie - Most Promising Actress – 2008)
Paloma Coquant
Tom Villa


Exilène Films and JLA Productions

2019 / Original language: French / Color

Munch gets back to work, more committed than ever to the triumph of Justice - with methods that are increasingly borderline. Euthanasia, surrogate motherhood, food poisoning from artichokes... the Munchowski & Bellanger law firm gets hit with everything this season, even jury duty!

Gaspard has to come to terms with unexpectedly becoming a father, Clarisse gets ready to pass the bar exam and Aurelien will stop at nothing to become a partner of the firm. Munch hardly knows which way to turn! Especially when she decides to hire Blanche Braque, a young lawyer with methods almost as wild as her own, whose troubling behavior immediately fascinates everybody at the firm.


Episode 1 : Impossible Is Not in Munch's Dictionary
The firm is shocked: Hubert got hit by a car! A simple accident, or is it really attempted murder? It doesn't take Munch long to figure out that a copy of The Count of Monte-Cristo containing a letter of confession is at the heart of the mystery. Just like in Alexandre Dumas' story, an innocent man has been thrown in prison for a murder he didn't commit. And the real guilty party is the person who wanted to get rid of Bellanger. As Munch works to uncover the truth, a young lawyer persistently tries to get hired at the firm, which does need to grow. But what are her real motivations? Another mystery.

Episode 2 : A Matter of Conscience
Munch defends a nurse accused of deliberately poisoning one of her patients, a young 17-year-old girl left paraplegic by a horseback riding accident. Munch pleads that it was a medical error, but the plot thickens when she obtains evidence suggesting that her client might have contributed to the patient's death. Blanche, the new lawyer, begins work at the firm, and her behavior becomes more and more intriguing.

Episode 3 : Too Guilty to Be True
Munch helps Aurelien on a new case because his client, a nightclub bouncer accused of murder, has not only confessed to everything but refuses to be defended in court. There's something fishy going on, but how do you defend a client who has his mind set on going to prison? It's not long before Munch and Aurelien find out that the bouncer and his family are hiding secrets. Meanwhile, Blanche's intentions are revealed and her case stirs up heated debate at the firm.

Episode 4 : Nothing But the Truth
The world is upside down: Munch is on jury duty! In the opinion of the President (played by Pascal Legitimus) and the Attorney General, the appeals case of Martin Richard, accused of killing his wife, is an open and shut case. But nobody expected Munch to show up! She immediately thinks the defendant might be innocent, but she has to act fast. She only has three days to instill doubt in the eleven other jurors. Meanwhile, Gaspard finds his father, a petty con man. Can the two of them make amends?

Episode 5 : My Son
Blanche defends Elodie Henry, accused of planning to kidnap a young boy named Abel, who she claims is her biological son. Blanche obtains DNA tests that prove the child is the result of an illegal surrogacy deal. She does everything in her power to help her client obtain rights to her son. But Munch thinks Blanche is too emotionally involved and fears she's going too far. The case stirs up conflicting feelings and has everyone at the firm taking sides. Just when Munch and Blanche were starting to get along, could this cause permanent damage to their relationship?

Episode 6 : Saving Gaspard
Gaspard is arrested for the murder of a veterinarian who he was investigating independently from his work at the firm. To find the real assassin, Aurelien and Blanche search for clues at the zoo where the victim worked. Munch moves heaven and earth to get Gaspard out of this viper's nest. She knows his being an ex-cop puts him in mortal danger in prison. Will she succeed in time?

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