Never Without You, Louna

Jamais sans toi, Louna

TV MOVIE 2 x 52'' or 100’


An incredibly moving story of how human lives can be blown to bits by insidious rumors and blind justice.

Claude-Michel Rome and Virginie Wagon

Directed by

Yann Samuell (War of the Buttons, Love Me If You Dare, With Love from the Age of Reason)


Alice Taglioni (French Women, Paris - Manhattan, The Valet, Sky Fighters)
Rod Paradot (César Awards winner for Standing Tall)
Chloé Jouannet (Our Summer in Provence)
Sophie Guillemin (Profiling, With a Friend Like Harry)
Serge Hazanavicius (I ve Loved You So Long)
Inna Modja
François Feroleto (Life's So Sweet)


Léonis Productions – Be Films and TF1

2019 / Original language: French / Color

Based on the true story "Jamais sans toi, Louna", published by Editions Michel Lafon

While still only a few months old, little Louna needs urgent care and is hospitalized. The doctors immediately suspect the parents of child abuse. Louna's mother Sabrina knows she carries a rare disease that may be the cause of her daughter's problems. She demands a blood test to prove that Louna also carries the gene. But the doctor won't listen. He's determined to prove that Louna is a victim of child abuse.

Life becomes hell for the young couple when the courts order Louna to be placed in a foster family. After three years of hopeless battles with social services and the medical establishment, Yoan and Sabrina decide to take drastic action to get Louna back. They meet Claire Weiss, the child psychiatrist appointed by the judge to uncover the truth behind Louna's case and make sense of the complex and mysterious forces at work.

To clear the unbearable accusations waged against Louna's parents means fighting the prejudices of doctors and judges alike. But their will to win justice will not be broken: one day Louna will know how ardently they struggled to bring her home!

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