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Zodiac Murders - season 2

Le maître du zodiaque

MINI SERIES 5 x 96' or 10 x 48'
Thriller / Saga


Directed by

Claude-Michel Rome (Woman Under Influence, Crossfire, Zodiac Murders 1, Murder in Mind, Ladies of the Law)


André Ousmansky
Claire Keim (Breathe, The Two-Sided Mirror, Zodiac Murders 1 & 2)
Francis Huster (I Married a Dead Man)
Jean-Pierre Bouvier
Natacha Lindinger (The Exes, Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky)
Tom Novembre
Yannis Baraban (Zodiac Murders 1 & 2)


TF1 / Alma Productions / Fontana / RTL TVI

2007 / Original language: French / Color / stereo

July 2006. The media invades Aix-en-Provence for the opening of the trial of the Zodiac murderer, Matthias Rousseau. Back in France to testify at the trial, Esther Delaître finds her family once more at the heart of a criminal investigation when a young girl related to her brother's fiancée is murdered in a similar manner to Zodiac's victims. A copycat killer? An apprentice manipulated by Zodiac from his cell? Or the master himself, the person who taught Zodiac to kill? Caught up in the conflicts, tension and rivalry within and between two powerful families, Esther is driven to find the murderer. Her mission is made even more complicated when Keller, the cop with whom she had a brief but passionate love affair, arrives to investigate...


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