A Mother's Combat

L'Affaire Ranucci, le combat d'une mère


The true story of a mother's desperate fight to save her child from the guillotine
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Directed by

Denys Granier-Deferre


Alexandre Hamidi
Catherine Frot (Marguerite, Haute Cuisine, The Page Turner)
Didier Flamand


Septembre Productions

2006 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo

Accused of the kidnapping and murder of an 8-year-old girl in the south of France, 23-year-old Christian Ranucci is tried and convicted on inconclusive evidence. A lonely figure in a climate of national hysteria, Heloise Ranucci courageously fights to save the life of this cherished only child for whom she has sacrificed everything.

Despite her efforts, Christian is executed.

But Heloise’s combat is not in vain. In another child murder trial a month later, she denounces the death penalty in an open letter to the court which will save another mother from the torment she has known.

This film illustrates a mother’s drama and is a moving plea against capital punishment - a few years later, in fact, the death penalty was abolished in France.


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