Clem, Teen Mom - Season 9

Clem - Saison 9

SERIES 6 x 52' in a series totalizing 51 episodes
Comedy drama / Comedy


A moving and high-rated comedy about being a teen ... and a mom!


Directed by

Stéphane Malhuret

Bénédicte Delmas


Lucie Lucas
Agustin Galiana
Joséphine Berry
Carole Richert (Clem, Teen Mom)
Jean Dell
Thomas Chomel
Elona Solomon
Yann Sundberg (Elite Squad, Lost Signs),
Maeva Pasquali (Infidèles, Poliss)
Vinnie Dargaud
Guillaume Faure
Gabriel Gros


Merlin Productions

2019 / Original language: French / Color

Clem wakes up after six years in a coma from a near-fatal accident and has to face a world that has continued to evolve without her. How can she resume her role as mother to a rebellious son and a young daughter who doesn't even recognize her? How will she recover from the trauma of the accident, when everything seems to indicate that she alone was responsible for what happened?


Episode 46 - In Your Absence
After six years in a coma, Clem wakes up. Everything around her has changed. Her son has become a teenager, her daughter doesn't recognize her and her mother isn't at her bedside anymore. What happened? The young woman soon realizes that they're not telling her everything, and that Valentin is going through a very tough phase of his life.

Episode 47 - Mom
Released from the hospital, Clem is totally committed to taking her life back into her own hands. But finding her place as a mother again may take longer than she expected. Baptiste is more and more distant with her.
When Clem announces her decision to move, Emma goes strangely, alarmingly silent. Valentin, who has been hiding his illegal activities from his mother, seems beyond her reach. Even Adrian and Alyzee, who has finally come back, can't help her anymore.

Episode 48 - My World Is Crumbling
In shock from the horror of betrayal, Clem has a hard time restraining her anger. But she can't let herself fall apart, because Emma is becoming more and more fragile. Meanwhile, Valentine keeps making bad choices to try to help Joris and gets closer to Izia, a confused and troubled teenage girl who he is in love with.

Episode 49 - I Will Fight
After getting into an argument with his French teacher, Valentin may get expelled. Clem is 100% determined to keep her son on a short leash from now on. But Tony still has Valentin under his thumb.

Episode 50 - Keeping the Faith
Valentin is being detained in a holding cell. Despite Clem's insistent pleas, he refuses to explain what he has done. Clem stands strong even though her world is falling apart. Marie-France, devastated by being separated from the kids, loses her bearings and decides to petition the court for custody of Valentin and Emma.

Episode 51 - Remembering Your Smile
After admitting he is guilty of assault, Valentin turns himself into the police. Clem moves heaven and earth to defend him. Meanwhile, she is convinced she now knows the identity of the person guilty of causing her car accident. But as the obstacles pile up, Clem realizes that without her family's support, she won't be able to save Valentin.


Average of 4.78 M viewers on TF1 Prime Time
with 34.3% Market Share Housewives
and 21.2% Market Share 4+

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