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The Bonfire of Destiny

Le Bazar de la Charité

Drama / Cop/Investigation


After surviving a deadly fire at the prestigious annual Charity Bazaar, three women become masters of their own destinies

Directed by

Alexandre Laurent


Audrey Fleurot (French Women, The Intouchables)
Camille Lou (Marry Me, Dude)
Julie De Bona
Stéphane Freiss (The Two-Sided Mirror, Black Butterfly)
Josiane Balasko (Hanging Offense)
Gilbert Melki (Largo Winch)
Antoine Duléry (My Stars)
Florence Pernel (A Mother's Fight, A Case for a Woman)
Théo Fernandez (The Tuche Family, Gaston)
Victor Meutelet
François-David Cardonnel (The Bonfire of Destiny)
Stéphane Guillon (Munch)
Aurélien Wiik (Bright-eyed revenge, Secrets of State)
Gilles Cohen (A Prophet)


QUAD TELEVISION (Ballerina, The Intouchables)

2019 / Original language: French / Color

“The Bonfire of Destiny” is a riveting story of emancipation and freedom set in the vibrant Paris of ‘La Belle Époque’.

Paris, 1897, we are in the middle of « La Belle Epoque », Paris is a boiling city and all of Paris’ high society is rubbing shoulders at the Charity Bazaar sale, the yearly event that takes place in a grand venue built entirely of wood.

Suddenly, a raging fire spreads throughout the building and ends up killing over 130 people, mostly women!

Three women’s destinies are changed forever.

Saved by a courageous worker, naïve young aristocrat, Alice de Jeansin discovers the harsh realities of her social status. Her maid Rose, about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, is instead disfigured and offered a very strange bargain. And for Alice’s aunt, the beautiful Adrienne, the fire might just be the chance she’s been waiting for. The chance to disappear and start over.


"Glowing Audrey Fleurot, promising Camille Lou and Julie de Bona are at the heart of this exploration of women's struggle for equality at the turbulent turn of the century, torn between progress and anarchy. It ambitiously combines an opulent historical reenactment in the spirit of Downton Abbey with a more modern, edgy feel like Peaky Blinders."

"With The Bonfire of Destiny, TF1 joins the tradition of costumed historical series so popular across the Channel (The Crown, Downton Abbey), and gives us quite an eyeful. Modern dialogue and directing, lifted by an epic spirit and visually breathtaking."

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