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Miss BG season 1

Bravo Gudule saison 1

SERIES 52 x 13'
Comedy / Animation

By the producer of Tintin and Babar and the director of Becassine
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Gudule et les Bébés, book collection by F. Joly and R. Capdevila

Directed by

Philippe Vidal (Becassine)



2005 / Original language: French & English / Color / Stereo

Welcome to the world of Miss BG, a funny, tender and refreshing series!" cols="30" style="FONT-SIZE: x-small; COLOR: #000000; width: 500px; height :100px">Miss BG is 8 years old; she has loads of friends, lots of stories to tell. She has a cool tree-house, and she has… a darling little 3-year-old brother, George.
When George was born, she got a kind of « promotion » in the family circle: she became MISS BG: MISS Big Girl !
Her mission in life: teach her younger brother the ways of the world… and she has a quite unique viewpoint on the way the world works…
Miss BG’s got a big heart, is incredibly loyal and is lots of fun to be around. But she can also be such a headache !
Welcome to the world of Miss BG, a funny, tender and refreshing series!



- BG Gets a Pet (Hamster et karate)
When BG accidentally breaks George’s sculpture, she blames it on Albert, George’s hamster, but is dismayed when an angry George then gives Albert ‘away’ to BG.

- BG vs the New Babysitter (Bouderie et cachotterie)
BG tests out the new baby-sitter, Terri, by trying to outsmart her, but soon discovers that Terri has some very cool talents!

- Aunt Alice’s Birthday (Ballet et Bracelet)
BG promises to wrap a bracelet as a present for Aunt Alice’s birthday, but George uses the bracelet as a hoolah-hoop for Albert and it gets stuck. When Albert escapes, still wearing the bracelet, the kids must find him before Aunt Alice finds out.

- Neighbourhood Star (Céréales et célébrité)
Like most kids, BG has a favorite breakfast cereal; until one day BG discovers: Brittany-Ann has won a contest to be on the cover of the box. BG is horrified. How will she ever shut up Brittany Ann after this, and how can she ever eat her favorite cereal again?

– Miss BG and the Snake (Serpent et Affolement)
Dad brings home a snake from his vet clinic and warns BG not to touch it, but when Alex convinces her to take a peek, the snake escapes! BG must find it before Dad finds out.

– Miss BG Get’s a Valentine (Copains et Valentins)
BG receives a Valentine and a box of chocolates from an anonymous friend and is determined to find out her secret admirer’s identity.

- Three New Little Brothers (Hamster et confusion)
When BG mistakenly believes that Mom wants to have another baby, she and George revert to babyish behaviour to convince Mom that it’s a bad idea.

- A Bet’s a Bet (Robot et ridicule)
BG and Brittany-Ann engage in a series of escalating bets, until a desperate BG bets the toy robot Aunt Alice gave her and George – and loses! Now BG must scramble to get the gift back.

– Sleepover (Malice et pyjama)
Aunt Alice is spending the night and BG is excited about having a sleepover party with her – until BG learns she will be sharing a room with George instead. A disappointed BG tries to scheme her way into getting George and Aunt Alice to switch rooms.

- Hocus BG (Disparitions et emotions)
When Aunt Alice gets a job as a magician’s assistant, BG can’t resist the urge to practice with some of the magic equipment. But BG becomes increasingly worried when she thinks she has made George and Albert disappear for real!

- Alien Nightmares (Frayeur et aspirateur)
When BG disobeys her parents’ orders and watches a scary movie on TV, she starts to have nightmares. The next morning she is convinced the aliens from the movie are coming for her family.

- Party Contest (Citrouille et embrouilles)
It’s Halloween and BG’s having a party! But when she doesn’t invite Brittany-Ann, her nemesis decides to throw a party of her own – at the same time as BG’s! Now the contest is on to see who can throw the better party!

- Amnesia (Amnésie et cachotterie)
After watching a medical show on TV, BG gets the idea to fake amnesia to get out of trouble. But Mom discovers BG’s scheme, and decides to put her “amnesia” to the test.

- What a Team! (Frère et partenaire)
BG’s excited about the Neighbourhood Olympics, until she learns she has to be George’s partner. BG abandons George for another partner, but that doesn’t stop George from finding a new partner of his own.

– the Perch (Cabane et entêtement)
When BG believes she is wrongfully accused of something George did, she decides to perch out in her tree house until she’s proven innocent…until she discovers she really was guilty, and now works to save George from being wrongfully accused.

- Operation Albert (Hamster et commando)
When Albert escapes under BG’s supervision, she is desperate to find him before George discovers he’s missing.

- Fortune Cookies (Défi et patisserie)
At a fund-raising fair at school, a jealous BG makes fun of Brittany-Ann’s cookies, which are the hit of the fair. In response, Brittany-Ann dares BG to bake her own cookies. BG reluctantly agrees, and must put her limited confectionary skills to the test.

- Monkey Thief (Mensonge et jeu video)
When BG loses Alex’s new video game, she pretends that it’s been stolen by an escaped monkey. But things get sticky when the monkey is captured – and the game’s still missing.

#- BG Feels Guilty (Jeu set et vase)
When George and BG accidentally break a vase that Aunt Alice has given Mom, they concoct a plan to fix it. But before they can, the broken pieces mysteriously disappear.

- Potted Plant (Science et patience)
As a school assignment, the kids are given potted plants to care for. But BG neglects her plant in favour of skateboarding lessons and the plant shrivels. BG works overtime to try and nurse the plant back to health in time for the unveiling at school.

- Magic Box (Colis et cafouillis)
BG mistakenly opens Brittany-Ann’s gift when it is accidentally delivered to her house in the mail, and she tries to wrap it back up before anyone finds out. But when George sees it, he thinks it is a magic box that can grant wishes, and BG is forced to play along.

– Soap Box (Crâneuse et bricoleuse)
BG and her friends decide to sell Dad’s old soapbox racer in the neighbourhood garage sale to raise money for some new walkie-talkies, but as they start working on the old car, they become increasingly attached to it.

- The Painting (Barbouille et Carambouille)
Dad is painting a portrait of Mom to auction off at an animal charity, but BG, Gad and Alex sneak a peak at it before Dad is finished and BG accidentally smudges the painting. The three kids race to fix it before Dad finds out that his “masterpiece” has been tampered with.

- The Assignment (Excès et insuccès)
When BG and George believe that their favourite baby-sitter, Terri, is moving to Australia, they attempt to make her change her mind by giving her the best baby-sitting experience in the world, or so they planned.

- My Dad 00BG (Mystère et bricolage)
BG, or should I say secret agent 00BG, is on a mission! She’s infiltrating her house to expose possible spies that may be lurking. She never expected to find out that her Dad was building a secret spy weapon in their very own home. Or is he?

- My Cousin is a Star (Vedette et pirouettes)
BG wants to see her favorite pop star, Malinda! Unfortunately, BG’s Dad wasn’t able to get tickets. Brittany-Ann, meanwhile, boasts about her tickets. Not to be outdone, BG convinces everyone that Malinda is a distant cousin. Now all she needs is proof.

- Don’t Believe a Word Albert Says (Génies et rongeurs)
When Brittany-Ann baby-sits Kayla’s hamster, Titus, she plays a trick on the other kids which convinces them that Titus can do math. BG retaliates with a trick of her own - convincing everyone that Albert can talk.

- Dirty Papers (Ravage et recyclage)
When BG tricks George into cleaning up the mess she’s left in the living room, he may have accidentally thrown out one of Dad’s important tax papers. BG begins a frantic search for the paper, which she believes has ended up in the town recycle bin.

– Secrets (Potins et galopins)
BG and Alex have fun as reporters gathering ‘scoops’ for the magazine they’ve started. But BG’s friendship with Gad is threatened when a secret Gad told her is accidentally printed in the magazine.

- George’s Party (Adversaire et anniversaire)
BG is horrified when George invites Billy to his birthday party. Convinced that Billy will ruin the party, BG concocts a plan to keep Billy away, but then regrets her actions when George is disappointed.

- BG Goes To The Movies (Blabla et cinema)
BG lets the other kids believe that she has seen a scary grownup film at the local cinema, but finds herself in trouble when Brittany-Ann insists that BG prove it by telling everyone the plot.

- The Report Card (Chocotte et carnet de note)
BG thinks her top mark for essay writing is a mistake and tries to prevent her parents from throwing a celebration party.

- Lucky Wheels (Chance et confiance)
BG finds a set of new skateboard wheels in the trash and becomes convinced that they will bring her luck at an upcoming skateboard competition. But when she gets lazy and stops practicing, she learns that it’s hard work, not the wheels, which will bring her success.

- Princess BG (Sorcières et princesses)
Without reading the script, BG convinces Gad to cast her as the Princess in a film he has written. She learns, too late, that the starring role actually belongs to the Witch, who is played by Brittany-Ann.

- TV Curfew (Racontars et écran noir)
When BG’s TV privileges are withdrawn for a week, she struggles to find other ways to amuse herself and discovers that life without TV is more fun than she thought.

- Photo Album (Album et capharnaüm)
BG scrambles to organize a photo shoot with Gad and Alex to replace an embarrassing baby picture of her that Mom is planning to print in a national magazine.

- Adopted Sister (Rivale et voisine)
BG discovers how much she loves her little brother, George, when Brittany-Ann starts competing with BG for George’s affection.

- Game Plan (Vite et mal fait !)
BG has a new board game and is so eager for a rematch with Gad that she takes short cuts that create problems in the long run.

– Patience (Patience et partage)
BG convinces George to let her borrow a pair of roller blades that he has won by convincing him that she can help make his feet grow faster. The plan backfires when George discovers that she’s been leading him on.

- George’s Security Blanket (Doudous et filous)
When George won’t give BG a special movie ticket she wants, BG retaliates by hiding his missing security blanket in her toy hot air balloon – and then the balloon blows away!

- Brittany-Ann’s Diary (Tentation et indiscretion)
BG finds Brittany-Ann’s lost diary and believing that she is now privy to new insights, BG starts to be nice to her old rival. But all is not what it seems.

- Miss Mom (Ménage et grosse fatigue)
BG doesn’t want to be treated like a kid. So when Mom gets sick, BG seizes the opportunity to take over Mom’s chores to prove she can handle more responsibility.

– School Project (Orgueil et insistence)
BG constructs an excellent paper bird for a school project. But when she stubbornly tries to share her expertise with her best friends, it leads to misunderstandings and hard feelings.

- Last Card (Collection et obstination)
BG is obsessed with a series of collectible trading cards, but her best friends could care less. That prompts BG to hang out with someone that shares her interest – and puts the friendships in jeopardy.

- Perfect Girl (Efforts et recompense)
BG mounts a campaign to be the most perfect daughter in the world in order to get tickets to a pop concert from her parents.

- Like Peas In a Pod (Cousine et mutine)
In an effort to avoid being laughed at, BG invents an identical looking cousin to take the fall. Not only does this ‘creation’ quickly become more popular than BG, the persona also teaches BG a lesson or two.

– Promises, Promises (Promesse et conséquences )
BG overextends herself by making too many promises and almost lets everyone down in the process.

- Detective BG(Mystère et boules de gomme)
A friend’s pastries go missing and BG turns detective to find them. But when someone is falsely accused of the crime, BG is forced to take a second look and solve the mystery.

- High Security Tree House (Sagesse et forteresse)
After BG discovers their clubhouse has had an intruder, she goes overboard as she upgrades its security system.

- Dad’s Big Blunder (Lavage et surmenage)
When Dad accidentally ruins BG’s old rag doll, he assumes that BG is devastated and starts giving her special treats to make it up. BG accepts the treats, even though she really isn’t upset, she struggles to find the chance to tell Dad the truth between all the treats.

- Pick Me! (Bons choix et bons amis)
BG and Alex both want Gad to go with them to two different events happening on the same weekend. But Gad can’t seem to make a decision and gets caught in the middle of a tug-of-war.

- Hard Lesson (Rhume et amertume)
BG volunteers to drum up attendance to a charity talent show. She works hard but takes little care of herself. On the night of the event she’s not feeling well and it looks like she might not be able to attend and see her favourite magician.

BG'S DAILY TIPS - Fillers of 26 x 2'

The BG Vignette episodes are 2-minute “Lessons” or “Tips” given to the audience by BG. These ‘tips’ are always factually correct and have underlying social development themes; the humour lies in how BG executes them. As we know with BG, things never go exactly the way she plans. BG will speak directly to camera, addressing the audience. Her TV lessons will interact with a future website, which kids can then access to receive further info.

#01 - “Doggy Duty”
BG and George do a trial run of caring for Doodlebug, BA's Dog. BG and George show us what dogs need most –love.

#02 - “Hamster in My Hair”
Miss BG’s little brother, George, takes us on a musical journey of friendship with a little help from his hamster and best friend, Albert. From George’s point of view we hear his struggles of being small, but the abiility to overcome them when you’ve got a best friend, who’s always there.

#03 - “Toy Swap”
BG shows George and his friend, Ian, that sharing can be fun. The kids learn that if you don't share with others you can't expect to share their things.

#04 - “The Perfect Present”
BG and George help Brittany-Ann find the perfect present for her Mom. Together, the kids learn that the best presents are homemade.

#05 - “Energy Saver”
BG gives George tips on saving energy around the house - but soon learns that you have to consult your family first!

#06 - “Sleep Over Party”
BG plans a sleep-over party. She shows us all the important things to plan for a sleep-over. But she forgot the most important step - get permission from Mom and Dad before inviting all your friends!!

#07 - “Show Time!”
BG shows George and his friend Ian how to behave at the movies. However, when BG gets carried away, Terri has to remind her how to behave.

#08 –“Better Than You”
BG and Brittany-Ann duel over who can do things better than who. This light hearted song has the girls feuding over everything from who’s faster, to who jumps further, to who can sing louder than who; just an average day for these two competitors.

#09 - “Handel with Care”
BG shows her friends how to look after and respect other people’s things.

#10 - “Rise and Shine”
BG shows Brittany-Ann how to speed up her morning routine so that she has extra time to sleep and relax. Uh Oh! BG has taken so much extra relaxing time - she is late!

#11 - “Taking Photos”
Ian & George ask BG for help with Ian's older brother's digital camera. Together they all learn that practice makes perfect.

#12 - “Team Spirit”
Kayla doesn’t think she is good at soccer so BG offers her expertise. BG takes time to show Kayla some soccer tips, and in the process learns that having good sportsmanship is more important than winning.

#13 - “Bedtime”
BG tries to help George stay up past his bedtime to watch a Belinda concert on TV. Together, BG and George learn that honesty is the best policy.

#14 - “Skater Kidz”
BG shows Aunt Alice all the beginners’ tips for Skateboarding while Billy shows off his skills. BG covers all the important safety tips. Together, they learn that safety and having fun are the most important parts of Skateboarding.

#15 - “Ex-ex-exercise”
BG and Brittany-Ann do their exercises only to discover that dancing with friends counts as exercise too. With a great song and dance, the girls show us that exercise can be fun.

#16 - “Spic and Span”
Gad seeks BG & Alex's help. They rush over and see his room is a complete mess. They begin cleaning without talking to Gad. After putting everything away, they soon found out that Gad had all these things out to give to charity!

#17 - “Waste Not”
Bg shows Gad, her mom and Brittany-Ann what you can do with reused shopping bags, jars, cans. BG shows us that someone's waste might just be someone else's treasure.

#18 - “Dress it up!”
BG tries to show George how to decorate his room to make it cool. In the end, BG has gone a little overboard and George doesn’t even recognize his room! BG and George learn that the real cool thing is to just be you.

#19 - “Star Student”
Bg shows Billy how to be a great student. But wait, she gave Mr. Grant the wrong assignment. Through her tips, she learns that being a good student is paying attention to everything.

#20 - “Friends Forever”
BG shows Gad and Alex how to make up, after having a falling-out. The two best friends soon realize that apologizing and being nice can help good friends’ make-up.

#21 - “Super Smoothie”
BG helps Alice to get George to eat his fruit by making her favorite snack - her "Super Smoothie". Through a fun song, George learns that smoothies are healthy, fun, and tasty!

#22 - “Camp Day”
BG gives Brittany-Ann tips for the perfect family outing. Brittany-Ann learns that you have to be prepared to improvise and the most important thing about a Camping trip is having fun with your friends and family.

#23 - “Step by Step”
BG helps George build a model plane and leans that it's important to follow directions carefully and not rush new projects.

#24 - “Flu Fighter”
Brittany-Ann is afraid of getting sick. BG and George show her all the ways to stay healthy and to prevent getting sick.

#25 - “Party Manners”
Billy learns how to behave himself at Brittany-Ann's surprise. After BG makes a mess and talks with her mouth full, she starts to realize that she should follow her own tips!

#26 - “Christmas Tree”
BG’s family decorates their Christmas Tree together, safely, in anticipation of Santa Clause’s arrival.


MISS BG - Special N°1:
BG is a little girl of eight years old who always finds herself in some crazy situations. This time it’s Albert, George’s hamster, who’s going to give her a hard time… In fact, Albert has disappeared in the garden while BG was looking after him! She has to find him before George finds out about it. What is she going to do? Hey! Here is Kayla walking her hamster! BG has an idea… And what if Mom and Dad decided to have a baby? And what if it was already done? Mom is reading books about babies. And what if there was going to be three of them? No way! How terrible! This is just awful! BG is totally jealous ! And George too. The house is going to be too small! They have to find a plan…This is all wrong! BG loves adventures but she also knows how to be cautious: here is a quick practical lesson.

MISS BG - Special N°2:
BG is a little girl of eight years old who always finds herself in some crazy situations which she shares with her friends… …and sometimes reluctantly with her true rival Brittany-Ann! Today, BG is making stupid bets with Brittany-Ann. She wins again and again and then…Oh no! She starts losing. Brittany-Ann starts bossing her around immediately…I want this thing over here in the garden! This? But this is George’s robot! Yes, but a bet is a bet… Oh no ! BG will never eat her favourite cereals again! No way! Her worst enemy, Brittany-Ann, has her picture on every pack. She won the contest. George keeps eating the cereals but BG just hates these stupid cereals! She cannot stand this situation! Between the two of them, there is always a competition going on. Let the best win! BG loves adventures but she also knows how to be cautious: here is a quick practical lesson.


Gemini Awards 2006
Nomination at the award of Best Pre-School Program or Series

Luchon TV Festival 2006
Grand Audience Prize for the "Special Gudule number 1" (episodes 16 and 7)

Cartoons on the Bay 2006
Grand Animation Prize for the episode "Adopted Sister"


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