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Sam - Season 1

Sam - Saison 1

SERIES 6 x 52' in a series totalizing 6 episodes



Adapted by Claire Lemaréchal (After I'm gone) and Stéphanie Tchou-Cotta (Life's so sweet)

Directed by

Valérie Guignabodet (Sam Season 1, Mariages!)


Mathilde Seigner (Sam Season 1, Back to Mom's, The Girl from Paris, Harry, He's Here to Help)
Fred Testot (Sam, Houba! On the Trail of the Marsupilami, War of The Buttons, Woman under influence)
Jean-Pierre Lorit
Camille Japy
Marina Vlady (Bestial Quartet, The Conjugal Bed)


Authentic Prod in coproduction with TF1

Delivery: NEW SEASON IN 2018

2016 / Original language: French / Color / available in hd

Sam is a middle school teacher loved wholeheartedly by her students, a bit less by her colleagues. She struggles in her role as a mother. She loves men, but doesn't really love any of them. At work, at home or in her love life, Sam is totally unconventional and always follows her instinct.
She thinks she's happy that way, until her past comes rushing back in after 20 years - and turns her world upside down.


EPISODE 1: A Slap in the Face
Sam, a middle school professor adored by her students, ends up with the duty of taking the school's new teacher Aurelie under her wing. It's a tough start for the young university graduate. Will constant arguments from her unruly student Enzo make her break down?
Though Sam knows how to run a tight ship at work, she's a lot less effective with her kids - when her son Alex asks her to plan a dinner party for his future in-laws, for example.

EPISODE 2: Emotional Confusion
Sam fantasizes about having an affair with Alexandre, but immediately holds back. She can't do that to her son - Alexandre is going to be his stepfather! Sam resists and manages to repress her desires. Unlike Chloe, a student who admires Sam just a little too much!

EPISODE 3: Nevermore!
A small-time drug ring at the school is exposed, and Sam's youngest son Hugo is one of the buyers. Sam searches Hugo's belongings and finds a stash that he swears is only aspirin. How convenient - Sam has a headache. Of course this had to happen on the day the inspector is visiting the school...

EPISODE 4: In Past Perfect Form
Sam is embarrassed by how she behaved the day before, while involuntarily under the influence of ecstasy! She offers sincere apologies to all her colleagues. She tries to play the perfect mother for her children and goes out of the way to please her mother. In vain. So she decides to focus on her work, and tries to motivate the Miss-Know-It-All in her class to stop being perfect and make some friends.

EPISODE 5: Freedom
Xavier, head over heels in love with Sam, will do anything to keep her - even allow the middle school where he is principal to be the testing ground for a new educational system. When Khalil, a bad student, suffers the consequences, Sam makes best efforts to help. But her determination to get her professional life back in order remains unmatched at home, where she continues to mislead her children by hiding the truth about her relationship with Alexandre.

EPISODE 6: And They All Lived Happily Ever
Sam's life is in chaos: job uncertainty, her mother in a coma, a son who won't talk to her and a marriage cancelled because of her affair with the bride's father. Unhappy and ashamed, Sam takes refuge in the imaginary tale she is writing and staging with her 5th grade students.


UP TO 8.2 million viewers on TF1 Prime Time with a Market Share
of 30.7%.
More than 7.7 million viewers on catch up TV.


"A rockin' good series led by the solid performance of Mathilde Seigner"

"An audacious series"
Le Monde

"This delicious comedy delivers a vitamin-filled cocktail of good fun"
Télé Loisirs

"A highly dynamic series, to the rhythm of a particularly modern soundtrack, carried by the magnificent Mathilde Seigner."
Télé 7 jours

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