A Woman's Quest

La battante

MINI SERIES 2 x 130'
Comedy drama

After 14 years abroad, Anne returns to France to save her mother's life and finds herself fighting to discover who she really is

Directed by

Didier Albert (Dolmen, Lost Signs, Deep Secrets)


Alexandra Vandernoot (Highlander, Winds of Passion, Deep Secrets, The Closet, The Dinner Game),
Bernard Verley
Liane Foly
Stéphane Audran
Xavier Deluc (Dolmen)


Ego Productions

2004 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo

13 years ago, after the death of her daughter's father, Anne fled to Canada with baby Nina to forget. She returns to France only because her mother will die without a bone marrow transplant from a near relative. But tests show that Anne is not Odette's daughter ! Anne is shell-shocked. Who is she ? Why did they lie to her ? Forced to rebuild her life in a place she doesn't want to be, Anne's quest for her true identify follows a heart-rending series of twists and turns as she finds herself leading the fight to save a factory from closure and battling the demons of her past.


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