SERIES 117 x 96'


Directed by



Roger Hanin


Hamster Productions

1998 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo

Police officer Navarro, played by Roger Hanin, knows Paris like the back of his hand. It is a melting pot of 78 different nationalities and the city is constantly adapting to these different ethnics. Out of the norm, Navarro investigates the most troubling, serious and heart rendering cases. Together with his 4 inspectors, he continually tracks the crimes and injustices.
Navarro lives with his daughter Yolande, who he brought up alone since the mysterious disappearance of his wife. Yolande grows up throughout the episodes of this series and she is the only source of relaxation that this dynamic and kind hearted police officer has.
Navarro has the nack, dealing with his cases with conviction, humanity and humour.

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