Julie, Police Commissioner

Julie Lescaut

SERIES 101 x 96'
Cop/Investigation / Action/Adventure

The most popular series on TF1

Directed by



Véronique Genest (Julie Police Commissioner)
Jennifer Lauret (Julie Lescaut, A Wonderful Family),
Christian Brendel
Guillaume Gabriel
Jean-Charles Chagachbanian
Sodadeth San


GMT Productions / TF1

2009 / Original language: French / Color / 1.77 / stereo

Julie still holds her position as police chief, and she was recently named squad captain at the Paris Crime Investigation Unit of a local Parisian station. She’s divorced and lives alone in an apartment. Her daughter Sarah also lives in Paris, where she is a lawyer at a major business consultancy.
The cases that Julie investigates often draw her in emotionally, which helps her better understand the reasons behind the crime, and she is backed up by a loyal crew (Roland, Gilles and Kim).



Epis 1 : THE MYSTERIOUS WOMAN ON THE ROAD (L'inconnue de la nationale)
The body of a seventeen-year-old African woman is found on the side of a road. The autopsy reveals that she was raped before being killed in a hit and run accident. Who is this woman who carries no form of identification and whose disappearance nobody reported? The investigation will bring Julie Lescaut to the home of the Dargentières, a rich couple who lived many years in Africa. Souïta - that's the name of the young woman - was their maid. Was she their slave? Was she exploited and mistreated before being left to die on the road?

Epis 2 : JULIE'S SECRET (Le secret de Julie)
Marc Vernet, Julie's father whom she hasn't seen in twenty years, is coming for dinner at her house. Julie is overwhelmed, he has abandoned her and her mother when she was a child and today he needs her help. Marie, Julie's half-sister, is in jail for murder, but her father, Marc Vernet, is convinced she is innocent. While Julie painfully meets her past, a couple who own a restaurant are found murdered. They were being racketed and Kaplan's protection didn't stop their murderer. In town, some teenagers, following a thirteen-year-old gang leader, threatens the shopkeepers and ransacks their shops. Repression or prevention. what to choose?

Epis 3 : CROSSED DESTINIES (Destins croisés)
Julie discovers that rodeo-cars are being organized in an industrial area transformed each night into an improvised circuit. It is very dangerous, for the drivers as well as the young spectators. In the meantime, Zora has a new boyfriend, Antoine. She introduces him to Julie and her team, they are madly in love and plan to get married soon. But Antoine is attacked in a parking lot. Zora tries to help him but in vain, his aggressors shoot at her and drive away, taking Antoine with them. As she investigates this case with Julie, Zora discovers that Antoine's ex-girlfriend has disappeared after a violent fight with him. The day after, Antoine reappears in town, walking around aimlessly and partly amnesic. Who is Antoine? Is Zora in danger?

Epis 4 : THE LONGEST NIGHT (La nuit la plus longue)
Julie and her men arrest Caillaux, a recidivist and an escape artist, while he is with his wife and his son. The judges and social services ask Julie to arrest his wife. Julie tries to defend Nadia who seems to be a good mother and has no criminal record. What Julie doesn't know is that Caillaux' men want to influence her by taking her daughter Babou and her friends hostage in their school. Yet Caillaux is a man of honor : he considers he is indebted to Julie who tried to defend Nadia. How far will he go to pay his debt?

Epis 5: AT DAGGERS DROWN (A couteaux tirés)
The bodies of two disemboweled women are found, with a few hour interval between them. The police fear the work of a serial killer. Mathilde Dorsay, a DA and criminal psychologist comes to assist Julie and her men. The victims both belonged to the same gym club in town. The director of the club is a pervert and he is quickly arrested. But he has an alibi and must be released. The investigation takes a new turn and the policemen find out that the two women had another thing in common: they both had a lover. Julie finds out they were seeing the same man. Is he guilty?

Epis 6: FATAL BEAUTY (Beauté fatale)
As her boss informs Julie that a new inspector has been assigned to the Clairières, a young woman is found dead in front of the hotel where she came for a casting. Tina was a model. Suicide ? But the forensic surgeon is convinced it's a murder. Who would kill this pretty 18 year-old-girl, the apple of her mother's eyes ? Kaplan's investigation reveals that Tina's life was more complicated than it appears. Far from being a nice girl, Tina had made more deadly enemies than she had sincere friends.

Epis 7: DISAPPEARANCE (Disparitions)
A man is found dead, his head smashed, near a shelter for homeless people. His identity remains a mystery. Is his present or his past responsible for his murder ? During their investigation, Julie and her team meet a gang of bikers, who behave strangely. The bikers reveal to N'Guma and Kaplan where a robbery is under way. But a second murder at the shelter complicates things. At the police station, a new psychologist, a woman sent by the Minister and introduced by Darzac, spreads confusion...

Epis 8: SECOND OFFENSE (Récidive)
Quentin Vanel, 6, is found dead near a railroad track. He has been strangled, which points to a sex maniac. Julie discovers the reason of the bitter divorce that opposed Quentin's parents four years ago : Benedicte, his mother, had found out that Mathieu, his father, was sexually molesting their son. When Julie questions him, Mathieu denies everything, accusing Benedicte of inventing the whole thing to keep him from having custody of his son. Who says the truth ? Could it be a lead to find Quentin's murderer ?

Epis 9: A GIRL IN DANGER (Jeune fille en danger)
As Julie investigates a murder, her daughters, Sarah and Babou start school. Vanessa, Sarah's friend, learns that her father, Jean-Luc Picard, an accountant, has committed suicide. But Julie and the forensic surgeon have doubts. Vanessa finds out her mother has a lover and runs away from home. The morning after, Picard's boss is found dead, shot through the head. Julie discovers that Vanessa was spying on his house and she wants to find her, not to accuse her, but because she is an important witness. But other people would like to find Vanessa.

Epis 10: JULIE'S TENTATION (La tentation de Julie)
Kaplan meets a journalist who's investigating the chemical industry. A few hours later, she is found dead at her home. The police think she was killed during a robbery and they immediately suspect her brother, Thierry, an ex-drug addict. Even though he admits having robbed his sister, he claims that he didn't kill her and didn't steal her laptop and her agenda. With the help of his girlfriend, Thierry escapes the police station where he was kept for questioning. Is he really innocent?

Epis 11: CRUSHED LOVE (Amour blessé)
Julie witnesses the highjacking of an armored truck transporting money. She quickly learns that the robbery took place in a much-guarded place and that the robbers had inside information. Who helped them? In spite of the pressure from the bank director who's convinced the leak comes from "TransSécurité", the transport company, Julie investigates also the bank. She finds out that an employee of "TransSécurité" had been involved already in a similar robbery.

Epis 12: PEEPING TOM (Jamais deux sans trois)
While Julie trains with her men at the shooting range and prepares an intimate week-end with her boyfriend, the lawyer Pierre Verdon, a drama happens at the Clairières: a peeping Tom sees - or so he thinks - a rape and a murder. Julie acts quickly. She goes to the home of the victim who seems to be in great shape and says nobody aggressed her. Two days later, she is found dead, and so is the peeping Tom. When Julie believes she knows who's the murderer, he comes up with what appears like a perfect alibi. Who's killing? Who's protecting whom, and why?

Epis 13: BAD LUCK COMES IN THHREES (Le voyeur)
While Julie trains with her men at the shooting range and prepares an intimate week-end with her boyfriend, the lawyer Pierre Verdon, a drama happens at the Clairières: a peeping Tom sees - or so he thinks - a rape and a murder. Julie acts quickly. She goes to the home of the victim who seems to be in great shape and says nobody aggressed her. Two days later, she is found dead, and so is the peeping Tom. When Julie believes she knows who's the murderer, he comes up with what appears like a perfect alibi. Who's killing? Who's protecting whom, and why?


Epis 1: SUSPICIONS (Soupçons)
Brémont, a photographer, is found dead at his studio. One piece of evidence, a jewel in the victim's safe, leads Julie to Francoise Fiozal, a high class lady, who confesses to the murder, explaining that she wanted to get rid of a lover who had become bothersome. Henri Fiozal, Francoise's husband, tells Julie that his wife actually always preferred women. Motta, looking through Brémont's computer, discovers that Brémont was in the middle of a child-pornography organization. Thanks to Antoine Lacombe, Laura's best friend, and president of an organization for the protection of minors, Julie manages to identify one of the girls on the tape: it's Marine, Francoise's girl. At this point there are two possible explanations: Francoise killed Brémont to avenge her daughter (and lied about it to protect her); or Marine herself killed Brémont who was blackmailing her, and to whom she had given her mother's jewelry (in which case, Francoise confessed so as to protect her daughter).

Epis 2: PIRATES (Pirates)
For a while now, carjackers, what we might consider modern day pirates, have been roaming the highways. On isolated roads, they stalk their prey, preferably women and old people who they are able to intimidate with a show of incredible violence. But recently, the frequency of these crimes has been on the increase. A climate of paranoia and terror reigns. Sarah, an intern in a law office, has been given her boss's car to take care of various chores for him. She is supposed to pick him up at his place in the morning and take him to work. But while on her way to pick him up, on a deserted road, she is stopped and beaten by two carjackers in ski masks. They take the car, leaving her there by the side of the road, badly injured, and in shock. Alerted by another car, Julie and her men rush in. Julie is tending to Sarah when she receives a call from the station. There is a report of a body on the side of the road, not far from where they are now. Julie makes haste to get to the scene of the crime. The victim turns out to be Jean-Luc Boulay, CEO and owner of the Boulay company. He was found by his friend and associate, Francis Romanni, by the side of a forest trail. Apparent cause of death: a sharp blow to the side of the head. Friends for twenty years already, Romanni and Boulay were supposed to meet at a boat-house next to a nearby lake to go sailing. Sailing is a passion and a hobby they have shared since the beginning and they have taken care to devote a few hours to it each week. Suspicion is immediately directed at the carjackers. Julie goes to announce the bad news to Boulay's wife. But the woman is a strangely cold character, seemingly neither interested in the fate of her husband, nor the fate of her daughter, Clarisse, a provocative and completely uncontrollable girl of 15.

Epis 3: OUTLAW (Hors la loi)
One night at Clairières: after an emergency call, Héroux and a young woman colleague pay a visit to the house of a jeweler. The minute they arrive, the young colleague is killed by a masked man, who runs away.
Called in to assist, Julie enters the house and discovers the jeweler's wife and daughter bound and gagged. As for the jeweler himself, he has been carried away to his shop by two accomplices. Julie rushes to the shop, where she finds him bound and gagged too. Unfortunately he is dead due to the asphyxiation caused by the gag. The similarity to another recent crime (where the criminals also hogtied a jeweler) obliges Julie to collaborate with the BRB. Very quickly a witness helps nail a certain Berteau, a man with a long criminal record. But Berteau professes his innocence. His lawyer, it just so happens, is Maitre Verdon, Julie's companion. Despite the situation, and complicated by the fact that the husband of the young policewoman killed in the robbery is intent on gaining revenge himself, Julie continues her investigation. She discovers that the principle testimony was falsified by a member of the BRB. But does this mean that Berteau is innocent? All of this creates more than a bit of tension in Julie's home life, tensions exacerbated by the fact that Verdon's son has moved in during the summer vacation, and he doesn't get along especially well with Babou. Meanwhile, Kaplan's son asks Kaplan for money to help his girlfriend out, or so he says. Kaplan wonders if this is the real reason. And when the girlfriend's mother comes in to file a claim for burglary, even more questions fill Kaplan's mind.

Epis 4: REVENGE (Vengeance)
Franck Carpentier, the owner of a little travel agency is murdered one day while picnicing in the park. Julie and her men are in charge of the investigation. They quickly discover that beneath the façade of a good family man, Carpentier was actually swindling clients with his holiday packages. Could the killer be one of the 300 victims he swindled? Julie is particularly interested in Jean-Yves Lacroix, a man who is unemployed. For the past two years he has been learning law in order to build up a case against Carpentier. A sudden hitch in the investigation causes some problems for Julie: Rebecca, the victim's wife has suddenly gone missing. She in fact disappeared from home the day before the murder, taking her 9-year-old daughter, Fanny, with her. Now in search of her, the police take an interest in Rémi Mauriac, Rebecca's ex-husband and Fanny's father. It turns out that he has just spent 6 years in prison for embezzling real estate. Putting two and two together, Julie's research further uncovers that Mauriac was actually falsely accused. It was actually Carpentier, Mauriac's old partner, who was responsible for the embezzlement and should have spent six years in prison. Vengeance: yet another motive for Rémi Mauriac to murder Carpentier.
Soon Rebecca is found with her daughter in a small suburban hotel. Her declarations are muddled. It seems that she too had reason to resent Carpentier. Their marriage was a travesty to cover up his 6-year lie. The net is tightening. until someone makes an attempt on Rebecca's life...

Epis 5: A MAN DISAPPEARS (Un homme disparaît)
The detective chief inspector Darzac is troubled. His friend Francis Darel, a big factory owner, has disappeared. In France however, major players who go missing are rarely investigated. But Julie begins to look into the case. Meanwhile Kaplan and N'Guma are on the trail of something that could be an aggression, if not worse, while Sarah saves a young girl, Albane, from ending her life by jumping off a bridge. Soon Julie discovers Darel's corpse. He has been assassinated. Kaplan and n'Guma's speculations were accurate. Darel's brother had hidden the body. But Julie does not believe he is guilty. Darrel's death somehow has connections to a prostitution network that is working through a disco on the college campus. A second murder takes place. The investigation uncovers that the victim, an administrator at the college, was involved in the dirty dealings of the prostitution den. It just might turn out that the desperate Albane knows more about this case than she is letting on.

Epis 6: RUMORS (Un meurtre peut en cacher un autre)
The police receive an emergency call from a hysterical young woman, who claims to have been run off the road into a ditch by another car. Now she is stuck. Strangely enough, it is not in her car that Julie and her team end up finding her, but 15 kilometers away from the scene of the accident. Sandrine Voizot, the young woman, has been strangled! The police quickly nab the driver of the car that pushed her into a ditch, who becomes the prime suspect. But it is quickly established that he had nothing to do with the murder. Without any other possible explanation, other than the existence of some kind of maniac lurking in the area, the police discover that Sandrine had been involved, for several months already, in a bit of investigative work of her own to try and clear her father's name. Wrongly accused, two years previously, of having killed a 16 year-old girl, her father had committed suicide. Convinced that this affair is the key to the present investigation, Julie decides to meet with all concerned. In so doing, she discovers a case strangely mishandled by the police two years ago. And that the murderer is none other than the Gendarme Captain responsible for the flawed investigation, who was hoping to cover for one of his friends.

Epis 7: CHILDREN'S SECRETS (Secrets d'enfants)
While Julie begins an investigation on the murder of a 17 year-old girl, Anne-Laure de Clavel, Babou falls terribly ill. Rushed to the hospital, she goes into a coma. The doctors announce that they have found traces of drugs in Babou's blood. This bit of news leaves Julie feeling both anxious and guilty, particularly since Babou is still in a precarious situation. For Julie and the Clairières police, a double investigation begins: an official one concerning Anne-Laure, and an unofficial one on Babou. N'Guma and Kaplan discover that Anne-Laure de Clavel, in spite of her high-class social standing and the favorable accounts of her friends, including her boyfriend Alexandre, was not quite the stable, law-abiding citizen she seemed to be. Very much affected by the death of her father, who was also accused of embezzlement by his friend and colleague Ivan Delorme, hers was a life of open rebellion against her mother, Odile. A life in which she joined a weekly poker game in the back room of a bar called "L'Octagone." Julie discovers a number of other cases of people drugged with the same drug as Babou. A jurist puts her on the track of a drug called "Sphinx," a chemical substance as yet not widely known. Her task now is to find, at all costs, a sample of this drug, so as to be able to heal Babou. Can parents ever know the secrets of their children? Can they ever really protect them from their own actions? This is what Julie, just like Odile de Clavel, can not stop asking hers.

Epis 8: PRIVATE AFFAIR (Affaire privée)
Julie investigates the murder of Vincent Darras, a famous lawyer. Wounded by a gunshot, Darras succumbed a few hours later in the hospital. The investigation very quickly moves in the direction of Philippe Marsollat, an ex-con, employed as a gardener by Vincent Darras and his wife, Florence. Marsollat is quick to deny any involvement, but does inform Julie that the Darrases were having marital problems. Kaplan realizes that he knows Florence Darras: she is the ex-wife of his friend Thierry Servier, an ex- bomb-squad-cop with whom she had a daughter named Alice. Julie discovers that Florence Darras was beaten by her husband. But when the police show up to interrogate her, she has disappeared along with Alice. Julie tracks her down in an aerial parking lot and manages to convince her to surrender. Florence confesses to having shot at her husband. She claims he beat her regularly. The morning of the crime, she was afraid that he was going to kill her, and she shot him with a gun given to her by her father. An open-and-shut case, seemingly. But Kaplan is not so sure. He suspects Florence of manipulating the police, and of having planned the murder of her husband. According to Kaplan, Florence had already taken advantage of the judge in family affairs during the divorce proceedings when she was still with Thierry Servier. She even went so far as to claim that Servier beat her, so as to gain custody of Alice. And Kaplan is convinced of one thing: that Servier never did any such thing.

Epis 9: UNFORGIVEN (Sans pardon)
N'Guma is accompanying her friend Ariane to the high school where she teaches when he and the principal (Baylau) prevent two hooded individuals from attacking a teacher in the middle of a classroom. A few hours later, Baylau is abducted outside the school before Ariane's eyes. Conjectures that the kidnapping had something to do with the incident that morning or that it was an act revenge perpetrated by some recently suspended students are quickly dismissed. With no word from the abductors, the anxiety grows.

Epis 10: THE LERNER CASE (L'affaire Lerner)
Julie is in charge of security at the courthouse during the trial of Lerner, a multirecidivist of dangerous reputation. Pulling out of a weapon during the trial, the gangster manages to take several hostages, including his own lawyer, Chloe Donatti, Verdon's partner, and make a getaway. Julie finds herself in the hot seat. Though she had continually demanded additional means, she is held responsible. Who got the gun to Lerner? Suspicions first point to a prison guard, known to be a gambler and unstable in character. It seems he had been discreetly doing Lerner favors and had provided him with a cell phone. Meanwhile, the police find Chloé, shaken up but alive. A currency exchange office is held up, but only Lerner¹s two old cronies are arrested. Julie realizes that Lerner had in fact manipulated police to have them arrest the two, who had once fingered him, while using the occasion to steal jewels from their home. Lerner continues to score points...

Epis 11: THE BAD SON (L'orphelin)
As Julie begins her day, the station receives a phone call from a child. He doesn't leave a message, but another call only confirms that something serious has happened at his address. Julie and her men come across a scene of carnage... and a six-year-old boy who has escaped being butchered with his parents. The initial investigation is difficult and frustrating, especially since Julie watches the little boy, traumatized into silence, put in a home. Who were the parents? Why this murderous fury? In the meantime, Sarah befriends ­ more than befriends ­ the handsome Rafael Rinaldi, a special services cop who finds himself in open conflict with Julie. A few hours later, in the middle of the night, the killers try to kidnap the child from the home; Julie arrives just in time to save him. Out of the question of now leaving him in the charge of the authorities. She finds herself on the run with the child from her own superiors. Her only chance is that her colleagues help her identify the killers before she is herself captured like a common criminal.

Epis 12: THE ORPHAN (Le mauvais fils)
On the road to the station house, Julie finds herself pursuing a car stolen by two teenagers. In the trunk of the sedan, she finds the body of the car owner, Fabien Lannée. Everything incriminates Ben and Kamel, the youths. It looks like they killed Lannée in his garage to steal his car. But it quickly turns out to be a false lead. The case develops into something more prickly. Fabien Lannée ran a printing house, and according to his accountant, Sandrine Carraz, he was having serious problems with one of his employees, Loic Darzac. The son of Julie¹s superior, Darzac. The boy has vanished and Darzac can't help Julie. She soon realizes that father and son have fallen out. Over Loic¹s homosexuality? Kaplan and N'Guma finally find the boy. His own mother, Madeleine Darzac, helped him flee the police. All the evidence seems to point to Loic¹s guilt.

Epis 13: SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT (Mission spéciale)
After having been picked up wandering the streets by Julie, a young girl of 17 commits suicide by leaping from a station house window. Julie learns that the girl had been raped the day before, after having unwittingly taken GHB at the Marina Club. The main suspect is Steller, a drug dealer and right-hand man to the Club owner. Julie wants to bring this suspect in. But her superiors won't let her and order her to collaborate with the narcotics squad, which is about to arrest the entire Marina gang. Kaplan is chosen to go undercover and infiltrate the group, just before preparations to hold up a convoy carrying cocaine earmarked for destruction. But the operation is a fiasco. Disobeying Julie's order, Kaplan, who feels responsible for Celine's death, decides to go back to the gangsters. While Julie tries to get Kaplan out, he is identified and kidnapped. Julie finds herself in a race against time to save her loyal lieutenant.


Episode 1: DOUBLE LIFE (Double vie)
Gunshots in Les Clairières! A man on a motorcycle has shot at Antoine Rousseau, who runs Logitek, a computer publishing company. The businessman is unhurt but his bodyguard is killed. Julie and N'Guma are horrified to learn that the dead man is none other than Philippe Hétier, Christelle's boyfriend. The entire police station is in a state of shock. The news hits Christelle all the harder because she learns on the way to the coroner's that Philippe was married to Céline Hétier. Then man with whom she had been living for the past three years was leading a double life. It¹s a shock for her and her two children, 18-year-old Amélie and 12-year-old Bastien. Julie's investigation into the attack on Antoine Rousseau quickly leads to Simon Lamarque, one of Rousseau's former competitors, who appears to have threatened him on several occasions. Lamarque accuses Rousseau of having sabotaged his company in order to buy him out. The police find a gun at his home. Psychologically disturbed, Larmarque virulently denies everything: he didn't shoot at Rousseau and he has no idea where the gun found at his home came from. He¹s being framed, he screams. But the gun is the same used in the attack on Rousseau.

Episode 2: JUSTICE IS DONE (Justice est faite)
Julie and her men conduct two parallel investigations. The first involves the kidnapping of an examining magistrate, Judge Staniak; the second, the murder of two dealers, Zinder and Allouche. The police find a connection between the two dealers and Judge Staniak. A year earlier, Staniak had investigated Zinder and Allouche for their purported involvement in the bloody holdup of a jewelry store. But though convinced of their guilt, Juge Staniak had dismissed the case for lack of evidence. In their investigations, Julie and her team learn that if the judge freed the two hoods, it was under considerable pressure.

Episode 3: BROTHERS IN ARMS (Manipulations)
Awakened in the middle of the night by a call from Christelle, Julie and Verdon rush down to the station to get Romain, who has been arrested for drunkenness. Julie hasn't time to learn the reason; she has to run over to the belvedere where a recently-wed couple has been found burned in their car. The man, Lucas Devers, a young banker, is dead; the woman, Marina Sakovski is taken to the burns ward of a hospital. The early facts in the case point to Marina, a model who is under the thumb of a certain Sébastien Revel, a possessive and jealous agent with a disturbing profile.... He has an ironclad alibi, urging Julie and his team to investigate her many admirers, among them a certain Romain Verdon.

Episode 4: PRETENCES (Faux semblants)
One morning, N'Guma gets an unannounced visit from Lorraine Levan, his companion. She is upset: Elise Dampierre, her midwife friend and co-worker at the Renoncourt Clinic, has vanished. N'Guma promises Lorraine that he'll find Elise. But less than an hour later, Elise's body is fished out of a canal. Suicide is quickly ruled out. The police suspect murder. Julie and her men learn that Elise separated from her husband, Hugo Dampierre, following a family tragedy ­ they had lost their four-year-old son and Hugo had blamed Elise for being partially responsible for his death. But Dampierre didn't kill his wife - he has an ironclad alibi. Julie and N'Guma go to the Renoncourt Clinic, were they find a tense situation because the management has decided to relocate the maternity ward to another clinic 25 miles away. Does this ferment have anything to do with Elise's death? Xavier Chomette, a friend of Elise's, confirms that in any case, as representative of the personnel, Elise was in the front lines for screaming matches with Christian Renoncourt, the clinic chief. The man, who is hard on his staff, loathed the young woman. Julie discovers to that Elise Dampierre was pregnant. But by whom? No one seems to know much about her private life.

Episode 5: PATERNAL INSTINCT (Instinct paternel)
Tipped off by an anonymous phone call to the Les Clairières police station, N'Guma and Alice, on patrol, drive to a building site where a junkie squatter takes a shot at them. Tracing the call, Julie and her men come across the personal address and phone number of Michel Frybourg, a specialist in old manuscripts and author of historical novels. What is the connection between Grégoire Kinovitz, a sleazy, two-bit dealer, and Frybourg, a preeminent specialist in old manuscripts?

Episode 6: A JUDGED AFFAIR (Une affaire jugée)
While little Pavel's au pair girl arrives at Julie's home, a young woman named Laurence Nobel attempts suicide. She has just learned that she caused the death of a little girl in a car accident. Julie has her hospitalized. No sooner is she released than the young woman visits her former lover and pushes him out the window. Accident, murder, pure pure fabrication? Did Laurence really kill? Or is she covering up for the real guilty parties?

Episode 7: DANGEROUS ENCOUNTERS (Dangereuses rencontres)
Laure, a woman in her 30s, is found strangled in the underground garage of her apartment building. The condition of her clothing and masculine DNA traces suggested that someone tried to rape her. Questioned by Julie, the victim's sister accuses Zinelli, Laure's ex-boyfriend: he couldn't bear her leaving him and harassed her. Zinelli has no alibi but the DNA test clears him. Julie learns that Laure, a single woman since her breakup with Zinelli, was registered on an dating website, which was how she met an architect named Loic, with whom she had dined the night before her death... but again the DNA tests get Loic off the hook. The case takes another complicated turn when a second body is found in the garage where Laure was killed: that of Perrin. Though the two murders are separated in time, is there a connection? Or was Perrin, a male nurse in a psychiatric clinic, killed after an quarrel with a clinic patient?

Episode 8: THE PROSECUTOR AFFAIR (L'affaire du procureur)
A young woman is found strangled to death. Julie learns that the day before, the victim had almost been raped. She had fled before signing the police report. Is there a connection between the two incidents?
Julie and her men soon learn that the public prosecutor, Mr. Fabre, has been behaving strangely. In Julie's absence, he even releases a suspect.
But when the crime lab discovers the prosecutor's fingerprints on the dead woman's body, the case takes on an entirely new dimension.

Episode 9: THE RIGHT TO KILL (Le droit de tuer)
Julie must solve a double homicide: Mélanie and her mother Patricia Derhuns. The mother had accused her companion, Larcher, before she was killed. The father and ex-husband, Jean-Luc Derhuns, is a fabulously wealthy businessman. Pretending to cooperate with Julie, he offers Motta one million euros to kill Larcher -- in "self-defense" -- when he goes to bring him in for questioning. Motta refuses. But Larcher's detention gets out of hand and the lieutenant is in fact forced to fire his gun at Larcher. Under investigation by Internal Affairs, Motta receives money from Derhuns, who asks him to "finish the job" and finish off Larcher. Julie realizes that Derhuns has hired a hit man to kill Larcher. A race against the clock begins...

Episode 10: DANGEROUS DRIVERS (Ecart de conduite)
A taxi driver is found murdered at Lake Clairières. The victim, Jean-Pierre Gaudel, is also owner of the "Clairières Taxi" service. His wife, Isabelle, who worked with him, is in a state of shock. Julie learns that the deceased was respected by his employees and in solidarity with them. For the past few months, the image of taxi drivers has been damaged by illegal cabbies who have no license but swindle their customers by driving cars disguised as taxis. Gaudel had promised to get rid of them. This lead takes Julie nowhere. The police captain then investigates Blandine Solano, the only woman cabbie in the company.

Episode 11: A NEW LIFE (Une nouvelle vie)
Julie investigates the murder of Gerard Mayani, a retired policeman found beaten to death at his home. Since his wife's death, Mayani had been living a reclusive life and but had recently got back in touch with his only daughter, Clemence, with whom he had fallen out some years earlier. Questioned by Julie, she says she cannot think of anyone with a grudge against her father. The last person to have seen the victim alive was a young plumber who had come to do some repairs at Mayani's home the day he was killed. But his testimony doesn't shed any new light on the crime.

Episode 12: JULIE IN PARIS (Julie à Paris)
Divorced, transferred to Paris, Julie finds herself heading a criminal investigation squad. Her first major case takes up all her time. She must investigate a murder linked to the disappearance of a pregnant woman, who was the mistress and collaborator of the victim, a gem importer. Sarah, Julie’s daughter, is pregnant. She is going through problems at work and would like her mother to show some concern for her. To complicate matters for Julie, her detectives, Sandra, Gilles and Roland, are not quite ready to accept her as their chief. On top of this, Internal Affairs and her own director order her to spy on her new team, suspected of covering up for a dishonest cop.

Episode 13: THE LAST DEFENSE (Défendre jusqu'au bout)
Julie and her team investigate the death of a lawyer, counselor Morin, in the office where Sarah had just been hired. It quickly becomes evident that Morin, who had a wife and two children, secretly preferred the company of men and that after a long affair with one of his clients, he had recently turned to male prostitutes. Julie identifies one of these prostitutes, Stéphane, who is listed on a "specialized" Internet website. But Stephane, who also works as a go-go dancer in a nightclub, has an alibi. Julie also finds out that Morin had problems with his 19-year-old son, Thibualt, a cannabis user, who seems to suffer from serious psychiatric disorders: could this be the key to the mystery? During the investigation, Sarah takes over from her late employer and finds herself defending Valerie, the young wife of a gangster who killed in policeman. The two women hit it off and Valerie tells her certain things in the prison's visiting room.


Episode 1: PREDATORS (Prédateurs)
A man wearing rubber gloves stealthily breaks into a posh apartment. He gathers items of no value in a bag, then enters a bedroom where a young woman is sleeping. He roughly clamps his gloved hand on her mouth and whispers in her ear: "If you scream or move, you're dead". In Julie's eyes, this rape is one in a string of several that have targeted dark haired, beautiful and rich women who live alone.

Episode 2: ABDUCTION ALERT (Alerte enlèvement)
Fourteen-year-old teenager Louise Dumont vanishes on her way home from school.
Convinced by her father's belief that the girl has not run away, Julie Lescaut establishes that she has indeed been kidnapped. An abduction alert goes out immediately, dispatched by every available means of communication. Julie leads the gut-wrenching search, in which every minute counts to save the child's life. The investigation privileges two probabilities: kidnap with a ransom demand or the act of a sexual predator.

Episode 3: FRAGILE (Fragiles)
A gas station is robbed during the night and the student tending the cash register is killed. The shooter gets away, but not before threatening a young woman who witnessed the entire scene. Julie must do everything in her power to find her before the killer does, now that he has been identified as Kevin Valon, a young delinquent, recently released from prison.

Episode 4: VOLUNTEERS (Volontaires)
A young woman runs in the night, barefoot and desperate. At dawn the next day, she is found dead. A homeless man is arrested but soon released. The autopsy confirms he is innocent: Laure was not attacked; she was poisoned. Who might be so intent on harming this veterinary school student, obsessed with her exams? Julie and her three officers work to uncover the secrets of this overly quiet young woman. As Julie is investigating the academic circles, her daughter Sarah, a young lawyer, approaches her with a tough problem. Sophie, her childhood friend, has come to her for advice. Her husband is increasingly violent with her and she is scared. Unfortunately, he works with the criminal investigation unit, a few feet away from Julie, in her former partner Motta's squad.

Episode 5: THE UNTOUCHABLES (Les intouchables)
Julie is faced with a rape case in which the statement of the presumed culprit, a wealthy banker, is in opposition to that of his victim, a young woman named Lea. The lack of material evidence leads Julie to fear the case will hit a brick wall, until a man tries to assault Lea.

Episode 6: BLIND PASSIONS (Passions aveugles)
Julie investigates the murder of a young blind woman named Lisa, killed in her own home. Agathe, her roommate was there when it happened. Unfortunately, she too is blind. Julie decides nonetheless to pursue her investigation based on Agathe's statement. She may be unable to see, but her other senses work fine and a mere detail may very well provide the key to helping the young blind woman identify the murderer.

Episode 7: INVISIBLE DEAD (La morte invisible)
Maintenance workers discover the corpse of a young woman in the cellar of an apartment building. Julie Lescaut's team gets to work, until a seemingly calm and soft-spoken man comes out and confesses to the crime. He claims to have killed the woman ten years ago. And yet the medical examiner is categorical: the corpse is no more than a month old...

Episode 8 : AGAINST THE CLOCK (Contre la montre)
Sophie Jodelle, a young sports journalist, is found dead in the bleachers of a stadium. Julie Lescaut finds out the victim was working on an article she wanted to dedicate to Alice, future 100-meter champion. Was Sophie killed because of the article, or for a scoop she was planning to reveal? Meanwhile, Sarah inherits a new client, an affectionate old ladies' man who knew her father well. But soon she sees in him a troubled man who might have already committed murder.


Episode 1: DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY (Immunité diplomatique)
Julie is faced with a challenging case. She has to solve the murder of a journalist, and all leads point to Angel Cordoba, the Ambassador of Belize. Problem: the investigation soon gets blocked by the rules of diplomatic immunity. Julie finds a way to get around them, and discovers that the murder hides an older case that directly incriminates the Ambassador in the disappearance of a political opponent of Belize.

Episode 2: ALL WASHED UP (Sortie de Seine)
The river squad pulls a body out of the Seine River. The young woman was murdered. Her identity is unknown, no weapon is found and there isn't a motive in sight. And yet one location keeps coming up in all the leads Julie follows: a fashionable "lounge club" boat. Why was the victim working there under a false identity? Why does the river police officer, who for a time was suspected of being her lover and murderer, turn up dead as well? A fire on a boat appears to be at the heart of all these mysteries - and the murdered young woman seems to have been doing her own investigation to find out the truth.

Episode 3: LEFT ADRIFT (La mariée du Pont-Neuf)
A young woman is found strangled to death, lying in a boat left adrift upon the river Seine. The circumstances of death remind Julie of a case she solved 30 years ago. Though the criminal has just got out of prison, Julie finds it hard to believe he would resume killing so soon. Yet the hunt is on when the murderer clearly designates Julie as his next victim.

Episode 4: THE WRONG MAN (Faux coupable)
When Julie and her team discover the corpse of Chloe, an employee of a luxury spa in Paris, Roland goes pale: he recognizes the victim as a former mistress of gangster Laurent Corso. Chloe had helped Roland nab Corso by testifying against him a few years earlier. Convinced that Corso has seized upon his recent release from prison to get revenge, Roland violently accosts him at the Division of Criminal Investigation. The next day, Corso is found dead at the wheel of his car. Murdered. Has Roland set himself up to be the culprit? The evidence is against him, but Julie has decided she will stop at nothing to help her partner and unmask the real murderer.

Episode 5: FINAL PAYOFF (Pour solde de tout compte)
Julie and Roland meet Motta at the scene of a murder. The victim is none other than Fanny Delerme, daughter of George Delerme, Deputy Chief of the National Police. Suddenly, Julie finds a bomb on the premises and quickly evacuates all present. Roland, severely wounded, sinks into a coma. At Delerme’s personal request, Julie takes on the case and promises to find his daughter’s murderer.


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