Profiling - Season 6

Profilage - Saison 6

SERIES 12 x 52' in a series totalizing 66 episodes
Cop/Investigation / Thriller



Directed by



Odile Vuillemin (Profiling)
Philippe Bas (Maverick Cop, The Invincibles, Michel Vaillant)


Stéphane Marsil - Beaubourg Audiovisuel

2015 / Original language: French / Color / available in hd

Chloé Saint-Laurent is a singular clinical psychologist who works for the police as a criminologist. She uses her outstanding expertise and sensitivity to enter the minds of victims and murders alike and solve the most devastating crimes.


Episode 55 – “Unforgivable”

After months in a psychiatric institution, Chloe returns to find the criminal investigation division still in shock from Fred’s death. She can’t do field investigating, but Lamarck finds her a job in archives. Rocher, polite but distant, is in denial about his partner having set him up. Hyppolite, drowning his grief in bitterness, is persecuting all the new lieutenants appointed to replace Fred. In this tense atmosphere, Rocher witnesses the attempted kidnapping of a eighteen-year old girl. Detained and questioned, the perpetrator explains that he mistook the girl for his sister Coralie, who disappeared fifteen years ago when she was a little girl. Chloe is deeply moved by the story of this family who never got over the loss of little Coralie. Though forbidden to investigate, Chloe delves into the case. But in her efforts to help, she may reveal a truth even more appalling than the unresolved case of a missing child.

Episode 56 – “Visceral”

Rocher and the new lieutenant Emma witness the death of a female student in prep school found suffering in the basement of her high school. The first witness accounts point the investigators to Alain Mandrillon, a lively literature teacher who gives his course content a sexual slant to lure certain students into his bed. When they go to his home to question him, they find him knocked unconscious by Jules Leroux, a repeat-offender delinquant in his senior year at the school. Two assaults in twelve hours - hardly a coincidence. But why was Jules going after his perverted teacher? If he wanted to avenge the death of the assasinated girl, why didn’t the victim’s boyfriend, a brilliant student and musical prodigy, participate in the the punitive expedition? The quest for answers leads Chloe and the team far away from the Parisian high school, all the way to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Episode 57 - “Teacher"

While still relegated to the archive department, Chloe is called in by Rocher to investigate the disappearance of Arthur, eight years old. And with good reason: the boy, who disappeared when leaving school, goes to the same school as Lili. The video surveillance footage Hyppolite recovers shows the child peacefully following his teacher, whose identity and address turns out to be false. When the team finds out the kidnappers had at one point been planning to abduct Lili, Chloe has to draw on all her strength to keep from letting guilt impair her analytic abilities.
Hyppolite, shocked by what she learns about Emma’s identity, takes drastic measures to oust the new Lieutenant from the brigade.

Episode 58 “The Hunt"

A young man in fatigues is found dead near military barracks, his body pierced with arrows from what seems to have been a ruthless manhunt. The investigation suggests a perverted form of radical feminism, until the discovery of a new victim reshuffles the deck. It’s Chloe’s first official case since her return. During the investigation, Rocher rediscovers his long-lost best buddy, almost a brother to him, who suddenly went missing over ten years ago.
Meanwhile, Hyppolite is making a show of himself with his mysterious and unexplained absence.

Episode 59 – “Sacrificed”

Chloe and Rocher investigate the murder of a young photographer whose income is strangely superior to his talent. Among the last photos the victim took the night of his death, they discover the mischevious face of an old friend: Adele. Coincidence? When Chloe and Rocher contact the social services foundation that was paying the victim’s rent, they find Adele interviewed for a job as psychologist! A private detective from then on, she put her heart and soul into the search for missing persons. How far did she go to obtain information from the young photographer?
Chloe gets an unexpected call from the Family Court Judge: Lili is authorized to come home and live with her earlier than expected. Delighted at first, Chloe is seized with panic. Can she still trust herself as a mother?

Episode 60 – “Diabolical”

As Chloe prepares for Lili’s return, the team is called onto an alarming missing persons case: a young woman and her six-month-old daughter have vanished. Returning from his business trip, the husband and father Baptiste found the house empty and their dog slaughtered on the changing table. The investigation takes an unexpected turn when they discover that ten years previous, Baptiste’s first partner disappeared in the same way and then was found dead at the bottom of a ravine. Could the teary-eyed husband be a serial killer? Or was it his wife, a practitioner of white magic, who put her own baby in danger?

Episode 61 – “Resilience”

Alain Petrelle, former criminal investigator, is found riddled with bullets, on the edge of death, his eighteen-year-old son murdered by his side. Chloe and Rocher wonder who could resent an old cop so much as to kill his son. Maybe an associate of the “flower killer,” the serial rapist and murderer who Petrelle arrested seven years ago. The investigation takes an unexpected turn when the criminal’s only living victim admits that she incriminated an innocent man. So Petrelle was wrong, and the real “flower killer” is still at large. But the deck gets shuffled once again with the discovery of a secret office where Petrelle seems to have continued to investigate the “flower killer” after leaving the police.
Chloe learns that her daughter has been corresponding with an adult on the Internet. Dmitri meets Rocher’s son Lucas for the first time.

Episode 62 – “UFO”

It’s close investigations of the third kind for Chloe and Rocher: Veronique Cartier’s dislocated body is found in the middle of a field, having fell from a height several yards off the ground. Where could she have fallen from, in the middle of this flat field? Things get complex when the victim’s best friend, Monica, declares they were captured by extraterrestrials and Veronique didn’t survive the experiments they were subjected to. Can Monica’s testimony be considered evidence despite her psychological instability?
Chloe and Rocher are trying to untangle true and false, when Hyppolite informs them that the whole division’s communications are being tapped by the army.

Episode 63 – “Dolls”

Chloe and Rocher discover the corpse of a young woman dumped in the carriage of a children’s ride. It doesn’t take them long to learn that the victim, a former nanny, was judged to be responsible for the death of little nine-year-old Juliette, who accidentally drowned in a swimming pool while in the nanny’s care. Did the parents of the little girl get revenge on the nanny? Or is her cause of death related to the strange doll found on little Juliette’s coffin?
Do the kids in the neighborhood have good reason to be afraid of “The Doll Lady,” a witch who pillages cemeteries with her fierce wolf, searching for dead bodies?
Though Chloe doesn’t know if she can trust Rocher or even herself, she has to dive right into the heart of an investigation where family drama interweaves with urban legend.


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