Zodiac Murders


MINI SERIES 5 x 96' or 10 x 48'
Thriller / Saga


Directed by

Claude-Michel Rome (Woman Under Influence, Crossfire, Zodiac Murders 1, Murder in Mind, Ladies of the Law)


Anne Jacquemin
Claire Keim (Breathe, The Two-Sided Mirror, Zodiac Murders 1 & 2)
Francis Huster (I Married a Dead Man)
Jacques Spiesser
Jean-Pierre Bouvier
Stéphan Guérin-Tillié (Zodiac Murders 1 & 2)


Alma Productions / TF1

2004 / Original language: French / Color / stereo

Threatened by a mysterious killer, Gabriel Saint André, the patriarch of a wealthy family in the South of France is forced to reveal the existence of his illegitimate daughter, Esther. At almost the same moment, his grand daughter is found dead. The appearance of Esther is now linked to this tragic event. The only way to exonerate herself from this crime is to find the identity of the creepy murderer who leaves a signature symbol of the zodiac with each murder.


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