No Limit - Season 3

No Limit - Saison 3

SERIES 8 x 52' totalizing 22 episodes with all seasons
Action/Adventure / Cop/Investigation



written by Luc Besson and Franck Philippon

Directed by



Vincent Elbaz (The Hundred-Foot Journey, Would I Lie to You? Good Old Daze)
Sarah Brannens
Patrick Chesnais (DĂ©licieux, Sweetheart, The Emperor of Paris, Bright Days Ahead)
Tcheky Karyo (Taking Lives, The Core, The Good Thief, The Patriot, Kiss of the Dragon, Joan of Arc, Nikita)
Claude Brasseur (Orchestra Seats)
Anne Girouard (No Limit, Kaamelott)


EuropaCorp Television

2014 / Original language: French / Color / 1.77 / available in hd

Super agent Vincent Liberati, after two years of service in the secret government agency Hydra, dreams of changing his life. With his brain tumor finally healed, he no longer feels the need to take on Hydra’s top secret missions, and plans to go back to his ex-wife Alexandra and their daughter Lola. But his last mission changes everything. Severe liver damage from toxic gas poisoning makes a transplant an urgent necessity. The only person with a compatible liver? His father, with whom he fell out twenty years ago, now penned up in a Columbian prison. Not just your ordinary guy. Vincent’s father is still well known among Marseille Mafioso as “The Magician.”
Vincent has to deal with the return of his overbearing father and wait in the hopes he will agree to the transplant, as well as continue to accomplish his missions and protect his loved ones.


Episode 1
Vincent arranges the secret removal of his father Claude from a Colombian prison to obtain a liver transplant, but he refuses. Despite Vincent’s disapproval, Gandel asks Claude to infiltrate a counterfeit money racket run by Jacques Brunetti, a candidate in the Marseille elections who was Claude’s “old friend” back when he was a thief – before he left his family and disappeared without a trace. Juliette teams up with Vincent on the case and they make some explosive discoveries!

Episode 2
To catch Brunetti, Vincent has to find out where the counterfeit bills are being printed, a mission that could blow Claude’s cover while he’s still in the works.
Especially when Juliette makes Brunetti her target, putting the whole operation at risk of failure.

Episode 3
When Claude meets Lola to see her new apartment, he is abducted and taken to the Russian Consulate. For once, Vincent alerts Juliette and her new colleague, Lieutenant Reda Belkacem.
They can’t figure out how to get his father out of the invincible fortress – and it’s impossible to get a search warrant. Meanwhile, to stay alive, Claude tries to make a deal with his former contact Anatoli Youkov.

Episode 4
Hidden in a shipping container of artwork that belongs to trafficker Youkov, Vincent, Claude and young agent Zoe find themselves “shipped” to Chechnya. Caught between the rebels and Youkov’s minions, the three of them set out on a wild race to survive without causing a diplomatic incident.

Episode 5
Misinformed by Bertrand, Vincent fails to seize a boat transporting a ton of cocaine to Marseille. With the coastline at constant risk of being flooded with a tide of dope, Vincent has to find the missing drugs at sea before Juliette, the dealer and his intimidating client can.

Episode 6
The whole Liberati family goes on a weekend trip to celebrate Vincent’s mother’s birthday. Vincent decides to take a break from the drug search, but didn’t account for the five Columbians sent to Marseille to get it back, nor the growing suspicions of Claude “The Magician.” Looks like it’s going to be a fun-filled weekend!

Episode 7
One trap may hide another. Vincent is reunited with his “old friend” who abducted Lola to force her to rob the Bank of France. Plus, Vincent is being tracked by Hydra as an accomplice to his father in the cocaine trafficking case! Claude “The Magician,” who alone knows the way to find the Carpagne treasure, is once again the center of attention.

Episode 8
Vincent and Claude attack the Bank of France reserve to obtain Lola’s liberation. This time, they can count on the help of Juliette, who has doubts about her lover, Reda Belkacem. But there is no guarantee they can get out of the fortress free and safe, especially since Bertrand and Gandel have decided to be done with the Liberati family, once and for all.


Up to 7.1M viewers on TF1 prime time



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