SERIES 5 x 96'

A real look at the every day dilemmas with which law enforcers are constantly confronted
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Directed by

Charlotte Brändström (The Impossible Truth, Descent into Hell, Alert in Paris!)


Gabrielle Forest
Guy Marchand (The Inquisitor)
Pierre Laplace


FIT Productions / TF1

2003 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo

Captain Fargas commands the detective division of the police force and has five faithful collaborators in his department. Fargas is a common-sense-kind-of-a-man who uses the good old fashioned methods of taking to the streets when he tracks down criminals. The outfit Fargas heads up struggles with the brutal reality of fighting crime in underprivileged areas while lacking the proper funds and resources to do their job properly. Despite the high pressure, Fargas uses his experience to the service of his collaborators and entourage who finally accept Fargas for what he is: a damn good cop..

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