Silk & Ashes

De soie et de cendre

TV MOVIE 2x100'
Drama / War


Directed by

Jacques Otmezguine


Bruno Todeschini (Delicacy)
Fanny Gilles


Nelka Films

2003 / Original language: French / Color / Stereo

Before the war, Marthe had married Antoine, the homosexual manager of a Lyons silk factory, and begun a passionate love affair with a German Jewish chemist, Dimitri. But now with the war and the German Occupation, Marthe finds herself running her husband's factory alone. Marthe soon finds herself caught in a crossfire between the pressures of compromise and the activities of Antoine and Dimitri, both involved in the Resistance. Gradually, Marthe musters all her moral strength and courage to protect the two men she loves most dearly...

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