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Macadam Stories


Comedy drama


Improbable encounters bring tenderness, laughter and compassion to a world of urban alienation.

Directed by

Samuel Benchetrit (I Always Wanted To Be A Ganster)


Isabelle Huppert MULTI AWARDED ACTRESS (Elle, Valley of Love, Amour, The Piano Teacher)
Gustave Kervern (In the Courtyard, Mammuth)
Michael Pitt (Funny Games U.S., Last Days, Bully)
Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi (Munich, Human Capital, A Castle in Italy)


Ivan Taïeb, Marie Savare and Julien Madon

Delivery: Completed

2015 / Original language: French & English / Color / 1.33 / 5.1 / available in hd & 2k

The strange beauty of a cold urban landscape. Wind and neon, empty geometry. A stingy old man in a wheelchair on a moonlight escapade meets a lonely night nurse. A troubled actress in decline sparks the fascination of a latchkey teen. An American astronaut jettisoned from space onto a high-rise rooftop is taken in by a doting mother.
The ordinary turns extraordinary in this story of chance encounters between six solitary people that give rise to surprising moments of compassion and intimacy.
Shared moments that reveal human warmth with a touch of nostalgia. The essential humanity in us all.


Cannes Film Festival (2015): Official Selection

FMFS Festival - Croatia (2016) : AUDIENCE AWARDS
The best feature film of this year's FMFS is French "Macadam Stories"


"A quirky and endearing urban dramedy"
Hollywood Reporter

"Asphalte will surely brighten up your day"
The Upcoming

"An instant favorite"
Studio Cinelive

"A marvelous film"
Le Figaro

"A real gem, moving, wild and wacky"

"Benchetrit's successful surburb-movie"
Les Inrocks

"Excellent quality from each performance"
"His best"
"A surprising cross between French police farce and Italian comedy"
"An emotional lift"
Le Monde

"Incredibly lovestruck by this superb film" "A huge favorite"
TF1 News

"An original look at the suburbs"
"A gallery of very endearing portraits"
France 3 News

"A suburb described with irony and tenderness"

"The suburbs filmed with humor and tenderness"

"A very funny film, with a very authentic vision"
France 2 - Télématin

"A filmmaker who fills you with wonder"

"A real gem"

"A great film, funny and always offbeat"
Le Nouvel Observateur

"Fabulous casting"
Paris Match

"Surprising and endearing"