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Profiling season 9

Profilage - Saison 9

SERIES 10 x 52' in a series totalizing 94 episodes
Cop/Investigation / Thriller



Directed by



Juliette Roudet
Philippe Bas (Maverick Cop, The Invincibles, Michel Vaillant)
Sophie De Fürst (Profiling)


Stéphane Marsil - Beaubourg Audiovisuel

Delivery: Fall 2018

2018 / Original language: French / Color

Five years have passed since Adele was abducted - and saved just in the nick of time. She has created a new life for herself and her son Ulysse, far from Paris and the police force. But her true calling as a psychologist and criminologist, with her boundless empathy for victims and talent for feeling into the most remote corners of the human psyche, soon draws her back into the fascinating and disturbing investigations at Crime Investigation Headquarters, led by Inspector Rocher. Free from the demons of her past, Adele finally feels ready for a true love relationship with him. But she doesn't know that Rocher is harboring a dark secret. He is facing the biggest challenge he has ever known, which could forever change all of their lives.


Five years after the dramatic events that brought Season 8 to a close, Inspector Rocher is being primed to become Commissioner. Jess has passed all her tests to become Lieutenant; she and Hyppo are now married. Meanwhile, Adele has left Paris and quit the police force. She is about to marry the man of her dreams, when she is called to weigh in on a particularly violent and strange murder: the corpse of a woman found inside a dead bull. Adele feels irresistibly drawn back to her criminology work - and to Rocher.

Adele and Rocher, thrown back together on a murder case after five years apart, find themselves in mortal danger. They get locked up by criminals. Rocher is wounded. Commissioner Lamarck, Hyppo and Jess race against the clock to save them in time. In those exceptional circumstances, with tension at its peak, Adele and Rocher tell each other the things they have never been able to confess. But unfortunately, those words may be their last.

After five years of absence, Adele Delettre returns to the police force as criminologist at Paris Crime Investigation Headquarters, 3rd division. Her return quickly spins into action when the team gets called onto an urgent new case: a woman has been abducted from a country road at night. She is the third victim in the last six months to have disappeared from the area without a trace. On their first new official investigation, Adele and Rocher have to learn to work together once again to resolve the mystery and save those women before it's too late.

Rocher's team faces a mystery when the dead body of a man is found in a room locked from the inside. No one could have entered or left. The only witness is the victim's five-year-old granddaughter. When Adele questions her, she makes a drawing of what she saw: a frightening tall black silhouette wearing a top hat. Is it merely the nightmare of a traumatized child, or did the murderer impersonate a terrifying boogeyman to commit the crime?

Adele has just dropped off her son Ulysse at school when she meets with a gruesome sight: a woman in blood-covered clothes, standing right in front of the school. She disappears before Adele can help her. Determined to learn the identity of this woman in distress, the criminologist calls on her colleagues at Crime Investigation Headquarters. She soon learns the lady's life was hit by an awful tragedy. Adele and Rocher set out to do whatever they can to prevent a new incident from happening.

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